What is Humane Animal Slaughter

Humane animal slaughter has different varied meanings. In most cases, it is a matter of perspective. A vegetarian or PETA member will view any form of animal slaughter as inhumane while a subsistence farmer who only has a few blades and will hack an animal to death will view that as the most humane way of slaughtering the animal. In essence, human animal slaughter is about giving an animal as quick and as painless a death as possible. Humane animal slaughter seeks to ensure that the welfare of every animal is safeguarded up to the moment of their demise.


what is humane animal slaughter

The primary factor inhumane animal slaughter is the pain. Before most farmers were forced by law to adhere to the humane slaughter of animals, no consideration was given to the suffering of the animal. All that mattered was the well-being of the consumers. It, however, became very apparent that animals suffer a lot before their death and it was not humane to subject them to that kind of torture. The above was primarily as a result of the use of rudimentary tools. It takes a lot of effort to behead a full grown car using a machete. It would only be slightly harder with a well-made Japanese sword. Humane animal slaughter seeks to rid animals of this pain so that the transition can involve as little suffering as possible.

Peace before death is something that all humans desire because we know what emotional stress and imbalance feel like to us. Before humane animal slaughter was made mandatory, most people did not consider it possible that animals can feel emotional distress. Animals can feel fear and mental discomfort as well. Therefore, inhumane methods of animal slaughter cause the animal a lot of distress before death. The above was clear by animals hesitating and running away from slaughter. Nowadays, an animal has to be unconscious before death. The above is done using a captive bolt stunner or gas where the animal is put to sleep so that it does not suffer before it meets its demise.

Humane animal slaughter is also about the humans too. It is not uncommon to have someone look away as a result of disgust or compassion at an animal being slaughtered. It seems a fundamental part of human nature not to want to see animals suffer or meet a painful end. The pain is heartfelt and almost as real as if one were experiencing it himself. Only someone who has repeatedly experienced the suffering of animals during slaughter can be unaffected by the act because he has been conditioned and is numb to their pain. Humane animal slaughter is about humans being at peace ensuring they gave the animal as peaceful a sendoff as they possibly. It is integral that people recognize the animal is what becomes food and continues to help them live.

Humane animal slaughter is both philosophical and systematic. It would be difficult to get a one size fits all approach to human slaughter. Whichever way one leans, the debate will continue into the foreseeable future.

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Value of Social Media

Social media has offered considerable value to individuals as well as business. Sites like Facebook, Pinterest LinkedIn, and Instagram provide a comprehensive platform where people from all over the world can share ideas, communicate and interact. It has been used by activists to create awareness on critical issues, politicians to campaign and business owners to promote their goods and services.

Facebook and Instagram are social network sites where users can share videos and image either privately or publicly. LinkedIn is majorly business oriented while Pinterest is the web and mobile application that operates photo sharing by allowing members to pin pictures and videos on their pinboards.

Business owners receive the most value from social media. This is because;

It is helpful in human resource

Social media has provided business owners with a platform to recruit new employees, especially LinkedIn. Job offers posted on Social media enable the HR to receive tons of applications from qualified candidates in which they can choose the best.

Brand awareness

Business owners actively use social media to create awareness about their existence. They showcase their products and services to the broad audience. Through this, many companies have received many new customers.

Active engagement with customers

Social media enables organizations to communicate with their clients in real time. They can answer all questions and provide clarification to clients. This helps clients to gain trust and loyalty with the organization. It is through this that businesses can retain old customers, get new ones and also many referrals. Reviews left by customers on these sites also impact purchasing behaviors of prospective customers.

Growth of business

In addition to getting new clients through social media, these sites offer insights on customer trends. This helps companies understand the particular needs of their clients aiding in product development.

Social media holds a great importance in today’s business, political and social world. It has solved problems by creating direct contact between buyers and sellers as well as the government to the people.

Building Relationships In Business Is The Key To Success


In today’s fast-paced world of Internet business many people are of the misguided belief that promoting their brand and product is all that is needed to make a sale or to motivate a potential customer to take action. However, the fact that every person that engages in an online search for a product or service is inundated with millions of choices tells us that the smart businessperson will go the extra mile to get their brand name ahead of the pack. More is involved than convincing a customer that you have a good product; chances are that most of your competitors are offering the same thing. You need to create a following of people that see value in what you do on a much deeper level.

These relationships will not appear overnight but will require a strategic plan of action to develop them over time.

Effective Communication
Unlike with sales promotions, communication is a contact sport. People will not usually remember you just because you gave them your business card and likewise people will not remember your business just because they have your name. This means that you have to go beyond the initial introduction to nurture and lay down a foundation for a lasting relationship. Once you’ve met a person your next step is to follow-up to reinforce your business image in their minds. More often than not you won’t meet people when they need what you have to offer so you will need to keep yourself ever present in their minds. Take the time to use the connections you have to educate them on your industry and demonstrate to them that you know how to make their goals successful and they will remember you when they do need your service.

Take Advantage of Your Social Media Outlets
There is a reason why social media sites are the most popular sites online today. People love to interact with each other. For most people, these sites represent the backyard fences of the past where they can share recipes, catch up on the latest gossip and give advice all at the same time. Using these avenues to keep you in the forefront of people’s minds has been one of the most effective and inexpensive ways of marketing your business. Social Media Today gives some good advice about why this is important,

“It’s time to get realistic about relationship marketing and use the lessons learned to improve the quality of the customer experience…. Your relationship with your customer is unique. Their expectations when dealing with your business is different than those when dealing with your competitors.”

To be successful in building solid customer relationships you need to have a balanced approach where you can communicate on a number of different platforms.

Relationships Aren’t Built Overnight
They key to building a successful customer relationship is consistency. Connecting with your customers on a regular basis, one day at a time, one message at a time, and one transaction at a time requires a long-term commitment. The sum total of all of these efforts will give evidence of the quality of the relationship. When you connect with your customers through the use of social media remember that your main focus is to establish a bond. You want their experience with you to be free and easy and the more personal their time with you the more likely they will remember you. Making them feel that you value them as a person and not just the dollars they’ll spend will go a long way in building up that solidarity. The better you care for them, the more likely they will remember and come back when they truly need what you have to offer.